Our practice

The firm Tossens Goldman Gonne has developed a special competence in arbitration.

Jean-François Tossens has a long experience in the practice and law of national and international arbitration. He has acted as a counsel or arbitrator in almost a hundred proceedings or requests for opinions. He has been ranked by the Chambers legal guide “Band 2″ in Arbitration, and as ” Global Leader” in International Arbitration by Who’s Who Legal.

Sophie Goldman has also been acting as a lead counsel and as arbitrator in ICC and CEPANI proceedings for several years. Sophie has been ranked as “Up and Coming” in Arbitration by the Chambers legal guide in Arbitration, and recognized as a “Global Leader” in International Arbitration by Who’s Who Legal.

René Gonne has represented states as well as public and private Belgian and international companies as counsel in more than 30 national and international arbitrations.


Some examples of their recent missions and interventions
Assisting a party in arbitration proceedings
  • Representing a Belgian biotechnology company in a complex international dispute with a former US partner, involving parallel proceedings before several courts of European states and an ICC arbitration; the American company alleged that the Belgian company breached partnership provisions, intellectual property rights and also misappropriated business secrets
  • Representing a leading French group in the field of air cargo in an ICC arbitration procedure which concerned the dismissal of the manager of an affiliated company and the breach of a no-compete commitment
  • Representing the Belgian football league in a CSA (TAS) (Court of Sports Arbitration) Belgian arbitration procedure
  • Representing a Belgian company active in the petroleum sector in a CEPANI arbitration on the alleged breach of a trademark licensing contract and an industrial partnership contract
  • Representing an autonomous public entity linked to a foreign State in an action disputing the validity of the seizure of assets in Belgium by the creditors of that State in execution of an annulled foreign arbitration award
  • Representing the landlord in a CEPANI arbitration proceeding against the real estate developer to whom superficies right had been granted in a dispute on the performance of the contract and its guarantees
  • Representing buyers and sellers in arbitrations on share purchase agreements in various financial and industrial sectors
  • Representing a major Belgian energy company in two parallel arbitration disputes arising from a disaster in a power plant, respectively against the manufacturer of the defective equipment, and the insurer of the equipment which refused to cover the loss
  • Representing several clients in the enforcement of Belgian and foreign arbitral awards in Belgium
  • Representing exporters, builders, Belgian or foreign entrepreneurs, or credit insurers, of states, private buyers and project leaders, in nearly thirty large export arbitrations in various industrial sectors (glass, textiles, fertilizers, oil refining, raw material sales, civil engineering and infrastructures, partnerships) involving Europe , Africa, the Middle East and the USA
  • Multi-party arbitration between a purchaser of refining facilities and North American licensors and constructors
  • Advising a European energy leader on international pre-litigation regarding a very long-term contract for the exchange of gas within the European Union and at its borders
As arbitrator
  • Sole arbitrator in an ICC arbitration between a Swiss and a French company in a dispute on the sale of industrial equipment
  • Chairing an Arbitral Tribunal in a CEPANI proceeding concerning the representations and tax guarantees of sellers of a construction company
  • Sole arbitrator in several ICC proceedings on the breach of consultancy contracts, in particular in the food and mechanical industries
  • Arbitrator in several ICC and CEPANI arbitration proceedings on international sales of goods and software
  • Arbitrator in a CEPANI proceeding on the breach of a mining concession (diamond sector) in Congo
  • Arbitrator in a CEPANI proceeding concerning a dispute between two leading telecommunications companies concerning price determination mechanisms for a branch of activity
  • Arbitrator in an ICC arbitration on the breach of the seller’s representation and warranties, in a major glass industry
  • Ad hoc arbitrator in a dispute between a Belgian and an Italian company regarding the price determination mechanism for the sale of hotels
  • Chairman of an ICC arbitral tribunal in a dispute concerning the breach of a contract for the construction of a hotel complex in Morocco
  • Sole arbitrator in a CEPANI proceeding concerning a dispute between Swiss and Hong Kong companies relative to the manufacture and sale of baby food products for the Chinese market
  • Arbitrator in a procedure of the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Center concerning a dispute on stock options and commissions on real estate transactions
  • Chairing an Arbitral Tribunal in an ad hoc arbitration on the execution of an optional agreement to purchase shares
  • Arbitrator in a CEPANI proceeding on the termination of advisory and management assignments, ancillary commitments to a transfer of shares
  • Sole arbitrator in CEPANI proceedings in relation to a dispute between shareholders
  • Chair of the arbitral tribunal in ICC proceedings opposing a French company active in cosmetics to its Spanish distributor about the termination of an exclusive distribution contract
  • Co-arbitrator in ICC proceedings opposing an Indonesian company to a Dutch company about the execution of a contract with respect to the sale of molasses
  • Co-arbitrator in CEPANI proceedings opposing a Belgian company to an Italian company in a commercial dispute in the food sector
  • Sole arbitrator in an ICC proceeding concerning a dispute between a French and a German company relative to a contract for international distribution of wood preservation products
  • Sole arbitrator in a CEPANI arbitration procedure between a Belgian and a Dutch company regarding the execution of a distribution contract for IT solutions
  • Sole arbitrator in a CEPANI procedure for a post-acquisition dispute on a branch of a Belgian bank