About us

Tossens Goldman Gonne is a niche law firm active in arbitration and business law and set up in 2016, with as its core values high quality, tailor-made services to clients and a strong cooperative culture between its team members.

We have developed a high level of tested and tried competence thanks to a practice which has been recognized in highly esteemed national and international law firms, both in terms of advice and of prevention of litigation and management of arbitral or judicial disputes. This ensures a realistic approach to both transactional and litigation transactions.

We advise shareholders and private or public operators in matters of complex commercial contracts, as well as the structuring and restructuring of investments, partnerships or companies, and also with regard to general corporate and financial law.

We have extensive experience in national and international arbitration, both as arbitrator and adviser.

Before any dispute, we assist our clients in defining their strategy and in managing pre-litigation. We often come up with favorable solutions, either through conciliations or transactions.

Our firm’s and our partners’ expertise, both in arbitration and dispute resolution, have been recognized by several rankings and legal guides such as Chambers, Legal 500, Leaders League et Who’s Who Legal.

Our approach and our assets

  • The flexibility of a small united structure
  • Useful and pragmatic advice at a well-controlled cost
  • Well thought out openness to alternative dispute resolutions
  • International openness and experience
  • Proven experience and judgment
  • Excellence and rigor
  • Confidentiality and Independence
The flexibility of a small united structure

All our energy and our time are dedicated to the study of the cases and to personalized services to our clients. We are not subject to any internal constraint likely to enter into conflict with the clients’ interest.

Useful and pragmatic advice at a well-controlled cost

This freedom and flexibility allow us to give top priority to the result pursued by the customer by paying particular attention to their business objectives. Our financial conditions are well controlled and flexible.

Well thought out openness to alternative dispute resolutions

Our versatile experience allows us quickly to judge whether and when the solution of a dispute can – with a reasonable chance of success – be sought within an alternative dispute resolution mode. A solution obtained through negotiation or mediation can avoid years of costly and sometimes  unproductive litigation.

International openness and experience

Our frequent interventions in transnational operations and the practice of international arbitration put us in constant contact with many different subject matters and with foreign law firms situated in a wide range of countries, with whom we have appropriate contacts whenever needed. Our independence allows us to respond on a case-by-case basis to the needs of firms that do not have adequate resources in Belgium.

Proven experience and judgment

We rely on a versatile experience in the legal profession. We alternate between consulting roles in the design of operations, as contract drafter, negotiator, arbitrator or in giving advice in litigation. Practicing these multiple roles allows us to perceive the strengths and weaknesses of a situation in a timely manner.

Excellence and rigor

Imagination and flexibility are nothing without rigor. We lay great importance on the fact that our opinions should result from high quality legal analysis. Each member of our firm has a university post and / or regularly publishes legal studies. All partners have developed their business activity while working for reputable law firms which apply the highest international quality standard.

Confidentiality and Independence

Our small, independent structure guarantees the highest level of confidentiality.