Our practice

In some complex multidisciplinary situations, the client, whether a group, a family or a natural person, will prefer to use the services of a small, completely independent structure guaranteeing absolute confidentiality. Our multi-faceted experience and network of contacts will allow us to objectively select the best players from each field, in each jurisdiction, allowing us to set up a team of independent consultants and to ensure their coordination and supervision. In arbitration, for example, we are sometimes entrusted with the task of supervising a non-specialized team already in place. Conversely, our independence allows us to respond on a case-by-case basis to the specific needs of international firms that do not have the adequate resources in Belgium.

Some examples of their interventions
  • Assisting for several years a foreign industrial’s widow residing in Belgium, for the management, both in Belgium and abroad, of succession issues, as well as for real estate, tax, inheritance and lineage issues.
  • Participation with a team of Belgian and foreign advisors in the negotiation of a major criminal law settlement pertaining to financial law.
  • Assistance in the preparatory negotiations for a merger between a Belgian group and a foreign group in the chemical industry.
  • Coordinating connected litigations for a European client, in Belgium, France and in the United States.